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Need a refresher of municipal by-laws? No problem, the Township will regularly update relevant by-laws for our citizens. Please visit this section regularly for updates! 


By-law No.1986-30 - Using bicycles on the Highways


By-law No.1996-08 - Regulate and control dogs 


By-law No. 2007-05 - Prohibit the use of Engine Compression Exhaust Style Brakes (Jake Brake)


By-law No. 2012-44 - Garbage Collection


By-law No. 2012-45 - Wood Burning Appliances


By-law No. 2013-17 - Cemetery


By-law No. 2013-18 - Water service rates


By-law No. 2013-19 - Sewer service rates


By-law No. 2013-30 - Amendment of Schedule "A" to Water and Sewer Rates


By-law No. 2014-14 - Amendment of Schedule "A" to Water and Sewer Rates


By-law No. 2014-30 - Parking of Vehicles on streets or highways


By-law No. 2014-38 - Yard maintenance and/or aesthetics


By-law No. 2015-40 - Sale and other disposition or Surplus Land


By-law No. 2015-44 - Zoning


By-law No. 2016-07 - Amendment of Schedule "A" to Water and Sewer Rates


By-law No. 2019-04 - User fees




  ***If the by-law you are looking for is not available on our website, please let us know by e-mail at and we will be glad to post it accordingly if something relevant exists.***



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