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Economic Development


Economic, Community, and Mining Growth Action Plan

The Town of Dubreuilville has many investment opportunities in which industry, entrepreneurs and private businesses can take advantage of. For instance, the near-by mining industry has created many economic opportunities and is shaping the future of Dubreuilville.


In the month of May the Township of Dubreuilville engaged our Town in public consultations regarding our economic future. These consultations were done in order to help further prepare our new Economic, Community, and Mining Growth Action Plan .

The Township is proud to have partnered with McSweeney & Associates to develop an in-depth study of the neccessary actions that will further increase Dubreuilville's investment readiness.



Mining Industry

Dubreuilville is home to two (2) nearby gold mines which are creating several economic opportunities for the town and for its citizens. Richmont Mines has been in production since 2008 and Argonaut Gold is looking to start the construction phase in the nearby future.


Feel free to visit their website.


Argonaut: http://wwc




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