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The tale of the four Dubreuil brothers is one that could surprise even the most enterprising individuals. As young men, they all worked for their father in a small family business, building doors, windows and frames. Later they got involved in the sawmill business.

Following the death of their father in 1945, the Dubreuil brothers decided to work together to earn their living. With $1,000.00 in equity, Dubreuil Brothers Limited was established. In 1947, the four brothers from Taschereau, Québec ventured to Ontario to earn a living. While working as small lumber harvesting contractors in the vast Northern Ontario wilderness, they were successful in obtaining lot concessions from the Algoma Central Railway in 1951. With this new contract they recruited approximately thirty men from the Taschereau region, built two sawmills and approximately thirty houses. This is how the small town of Magpie was born at approximately 274 kilometers (170 miles) north of Sault Ste. Marie, located 19 kilometers (12 miles) from the railway.

imageIn 1958, thanks to Augustin Dubreuil’s ingenuity, the “Spoutnik” (named after the first rocket launched into space) was created. This piece of equipment consisted of a single operator mobile loader which was capable of bringing the full length logs into the sawmill plant. This invention was quickly adopted by many other sawmills in Canada, the United States and even Sweden.

As the Dubreuil brothers were not quite satisfied with the Magpie establishment, they undertook the necessary measures to obtain more cutting rights 23 kilometers (14 miles) north-east of Magpie. This is how the community of Dubreuilville was created in 1961. Approximately 200 people were moved from Magpie to Dubreuilville. Houses were moved from Magpie to Dubreuilville and other new houses were built.

In 1962, the road connecting Dubreuilville to the Trans-Canada Highway (now known as HWY 519) was built. Finally, Dubreuilville was no longer isolated from the rest of the region. Between 1961 and 1977, Dubreuilville was considered as a non-incorporated municipality. Dubreuilville was a company town; no need for cash to buy what was on your grocery list. All you needed to do is show your badge number at the local grocery store to make your purchases and it would automatically be deducted from your paycheck. Dubreuilville was also a gated town. Vehicles had to check-in at the gate located at the Trans-Canada turnoff in order to obtain permission to access the town. If you did not have a reason to be in Dubreuilville, you would be denied access and would have to go back to where you came from.

Today however, Dubreuilville offers you a multitude of opportunities. While the main industry is still the lumber industry Dubreuil Forest Products Limited, the gate has come down some time ago and people can visit our beautiful town at their leisure. Dubreuilville is a vibrant community, with all the accommodations and services you need, including high speed internet access. The town has come a long way from its humble beginnings. It is time for you to come and experience the freedom of Dubreuilville for yourself! We are waiting for you.

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