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Our Town

Nestled in the heart of the Magpie Forest, Dubreuilville is easily accessible by car or by train. Approximate travel time from Sault Ste. Marie by automobile is 3.5 hours while it is a 5 hour train ride through the breathtaking Agawa Canyon on the Algoma Central Railway. You can also reach Dubreuilville from Western Ontario. Dubreuilville is approximately a 5 hour drive east of Thunder Bay. Dubreuilville is located at the end of Hwy 519 east off the Trans-Canada Highway.

Dubreuilville is a relatively young town with a colorfully rich history that continues to expand with each new generation. Its industry and adventurous lifestyle are built on the surrounding natural resources, while modern technology is rapidly propelling Dubreuilville into the modern, global age.

The result is an energetic community building a strong future on the heritage of its past.

With a population that is predominantly francophone, Dubreuilville offers a culture that is bilingual (French), traditional, dynamic and always friendly.

The lifestyle is typical of the French. We love good food, great music, lively social occasions and a comfortable quality of life that is based on solid family values.

Surrounded by the lush beauty of Northern Ontario, Dubreuilville offers a plethora of year-round outdoor activities unique to the area.





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